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You may return any publisher samples after you have made your selections at NO CHARGE to the school district. Because these samples were shipped from various locations, not just the depositories, you have certain options in the return of this material. You may call the depositories to get instructions for your return of samples, but please have a list of the publishers involved in your sample return. Since there are multiple depositories in Oklahoma, each depository is only responsible for their publishers, so you will have to divide your return into multiple shipments and locations. Each depository will tell you which publisher samples they will accept. The sample material must be boxed, sealed and labeled for the appropriate depository.

PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE A REGULAR RETURN WITH A SAMPLE RETURN. You may never receive credit if you combine these returns. See �Policies and Guidelines for Returns� section for regular returns for credit. If you have questions about our sample return instructions our customer service department will be happy to assist you.

Listed below is our returns address and contact information:
Thompson School Book Depository
39 N. E. 24th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105


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