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Company History

Thompson School Book Depository, Inc. is a family-owned corporation founded in Oklahoma City in 1955 by James Thompson. He started with only five publishers and a few employees, including his son John and wife Jan, both of whom managed the business. His younger son, Richard Thompson took over management in 1969 when John and Jan moved their family to Georgia. Richard ran Thompson School Book until early 2005, when he stepped down and turned the management over to his nephew, John Thompson II, who brought with him many years of experience managing Distributor's International, a schoolbook depository in Georgia.

The Thompson family strongly believes in providing the highest level of personal and professional service to their customers. All Thompson employees are thoroughly trained to anticipate and meet publisher and customer needs. With the average time on the job exceeding 16 years, our employees are knowledgeable and able to solve problems and provide excellent customer support.

Thompson School Book Depository operates an AS400 / 9406-170 mainframe computer with a 2290 processor as well as Windows based PC's. All programs were developed and custom written and individually tailored to meet our facility, publisher, and customer needs.

Our main function as a textbook depository is to provide Oklahoma schools with a central source of supply at the lowest costs and with the fastest service possible. At the same time we also give our publishers an economical means of both distributing their products and sustaining their business relationships with the Oklahoma schools.

Thompson School Book Depository is conveniently located at 39 N. E. 24th Street in mid-town Oklahoma City, and is easily accessible from all of Oklahoma's interstate highway systems. Our facility is 10 minutes from Will Rogers World Airport, 5 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City and just a few minutes from the Oklahoma State Capitol and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

About John Thompson

John has been in and around the depository business his entire life. His family has been in the business since founding Thompson School Book Depository 50 years ago, in 1955. John's family moved from Oklahoma in 1969 and he grew up in Atlanta where he worked many summers at Distributor's International, a Georgia textbook depository owned by his mother. After graduating from The University of South Florida in Tampa, John returned to the depository in Georgia for another 12 years, where he eventually ran all operations. In 2000, the business was sold and John continued there for a time before accepting a new opportunity with a small publishing company. In 2005, John's uncle, Richard Thompson, retired from his position as President of Thompson School Book and, in April of 2005, John came full circle and returned to Oklahoma as President of Thompson School Book Depository, the original family business.
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