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Policies And Guidelines For Customer Returns
Material may be returned for credit under certain conditions. Listed below are the conditions under which you may return material you have purchased:
  • You must obtain a return authorization by faxing a copy of the invoice on which the material you want to return was purchased.
  • The date on this invoice must be within the last twelve (12) months. We cannot accept returns for material purchased outside this twelve-month period.
  • We will not accept returns for expired-contract state-adopted material.
In addition we cannot accept for credit any material that is:
  • Not in new condition
  • Material that is used or defaced
  • Material that is not in the original custom packaging or cartons
A ten percent (10%) restocking fee will be deducted on all credits for returned books in addition to any collect freight charges. Returning books for credit is the responsibility of the customer unless the return is the result of an error on our part in processing and shipping your order. Our customer service department will advise you regarding the return of material for any such errors on our part.
You can contact us at 800-456-2828 or 405-525-9458 or at

You may use any means convenient for you in returning books for credit. All cartons returned must be boxed, sealed and labeled. We would suggest using FedEx or UPS for small returns, and on large returns, we can help you choose a truck-line that services your area. The cheapest and best way to return books is to personally return them, as you are responsible for all freight charges for your returns. When returning books personally come to the main office of our facility and we will tell you what warehouse dock is open to receive your return. We will have someone meet you at the dock to assist you in unloading. Please obtain a written receipt for any books you personally return and keep this receipt until you have received a credit memo in the mail. This receipt is your �Proof of Return�. We are just two (2) blocks off I-235 (Exit 2A), near the State Capitol. Call us if you need directions.
Listed below is the address of our facility:

Thompson School Book Depository
39 N. E. 24th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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