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Procedure For Placing Orders
You may use whatever means your school requires for submitting orders, whether it is through ISTAR,, our book-list, which you can print by page from this website, or school purchase order forms and letterhead, but all orders must be in writing. You may also print a blank order form from this website. We cannot accept phone orders. Please include all pertinent information on your orders.

Please order early, between July 1 and August 31. During this period you will need to allow more time to receive your orders, so it is important you order as early as possible. Orders are processed in the order with which they are received. If you want to pick up your order, simply indicate on your order with a contact name and telephone number. Effective in 2016, there will be a 1% service charge for all pick-up orders. When your order is ready we will contact you to schedule a pick-up time. We have asked each school for their school start-date, and this information has been entered into our system. We will make every effort to see that you receive your orders before the start of school.

You will not be able to add titles to a purchase order already submitted. You will need to do a separate order. We cannot guarantee multiple orders will be ready for shipment or pick-up at the same time, so it is important you consolidate your orders when possible.

However you choose to place your order, it is extremely important you do not duplicate this order. For example, please do not follow your fax or emailed order with a copy by mail as this would result in your receiving a duplicate order with duplicate transportation charges.

We would like to CAUTION you regarding faxed orders. If a faxed order does not transmit properly or if we receive an illegible faxed order, we have no way to contact the customer sending this order, so please make sure your original order is legible and of extremely good quality.

Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding placement of orders at 800-456-2828, or

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