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John Thompson

John has been in and around the depository business his entire life. His family has been in the business since founding Thompson School Book Depository 50 years ago, in 1955.

Johnís family moved from Oklahoma in 1969 and he grew up in Atlanta where he worked many summers at Distributorís International, a Georgia textbook depository owned by his mother. After graduating from The University of South Florida in Tampa, John returned to the depository in Georgia for another 12 years, where he eventually ran all operations. In 2000, the business was sold and John continued there for a time before accepting a new opportunity with a small publishing company.

In 2005, Johnís uncle, Richard Thompson, retired from his position as President of Thompson School Book and, in April of 2005, John came full circle and returned to Oklahoma as President of Thompson School Book Depository, the original family business.
Betty O'Brien
Operations Manager

Betty OíBrien is the Office Manager and has worked at Thompson School Book Depository for over 50 years. Betty handles all publisher accounts, generates all sales history and quarterly reports for publishers, in addition to several accounting procedures for the company. Betty is also the permanent secretary for the Oklahoma Educational Publishers Association (OEPA).
Linda Pitts
Bookkeeper and Accounts Payable

Since 1985 Linda has worked in several positions within our company and worked her way up into a positions of huge responsibility. Currently Linda handles all payroll, insurance and taxes.
Patsy Dukes
Secretary and Receptionist

Since 1996 Patsy has worked in several positions within our company. Previously Patsy handled all order processing until she was promoted to her current position of secretary for publisher representatives. Patsy handles all accounts payables, weekly and monthly sales reports, samples and desk copies. In addition to these duties Patsy is our main receptionist and assists on special projects.
Shelly Davis
Order Processing

Shelly joined our staff in 1999 to do general office work. Since that time she has worked her way up to order processing. She enters and processes all customer orders and does all weekly, monthly, and quarterly computer closeouts.
Carleena Hornbeck
Customer Service and Accounts Receivable

Carleena worked at Thompsons from 1981 until 1996 when she left the company. She returned in June of 2007 to take charge of our depository customer service, customer returns and accounts receivable. Carleena also generates our annual price list.

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